The Council

The membership of the Council is appointed annually in accordance with the Council's constitution. Three members are appointed from each of the four constituent Associations (Cornwall, Gloucestershire, South West and Wessex) and the Officers of the Council are elected from within this group of 12.

Chairman & Safeguarding Officer: Mr John Woods

Association: South West

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Secretary: Mrs Sue Oldfield

Association: No Affiliation

Treasurer: Mr Mike Knapton

Association: Wessex

Registrar: Mrs Lesley Knapton

Association: Wessex

Vice Chairman: Mr Mike James

Association: Gloucestershire

Member: Mrs Lisa Teague

Association: Cornwall

Member: Mr Gil Taylor

Association: South West

Member: Mr Ray Kingdon

Association: South West

Member: Mr Robin Teague

Association: Cornwall

Member: Mr Greg Cook

Association: Wessex

Member: Mrs Karin Lythell

Association: Gloucestershire

Member: Mr Ian Ford

Association: Gloucestershire

Member: Mrs Diane Williams

Association: Cornwall

Past Officers


1980: Arthur Bedwell

1981 - 1986: Wesley Wilton

1987 - 1997: Sidney Way

1998 - 2001: Steve Chislett

2002 - 2013: Frances Calver

2014 - Present: John Woods


1980 - 1987: Phillip Hunt

1988 - 1999: Wesley Wilton

2000 - 2013: Brian Elliott

2014 - Present: Sue Oldfield


1980 - 1981: David Jewitt

1982 - 1983: Roger Brown

1984 - 1998: Steve Chislett

1999 - 2004: Kathy White

2004 - Present: Mike Knapton