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Score Collection

A large collection of scores is held jointly by SWBBA and WEBBA. Individual scores are now available to borrow at an admin fee of £5. Anyone wishing to borrow should contact Frances Calver (). This may be particularly useful for bands competing in a contest where they require a second score. A list of the available scores can be viewed below...

Cornwall Brass Band Association

The Association was founded in the 1950s to look after the interests of the brass bands of Cornwall, and to promote an annual brass band contest, now known as the Cornish Brass Band Championships.

Gloucestershire Brass Band Association

The GBBA have a wide range of member bands, from Championship to Non-contesting level. Spread throughout our regions of Gloucestershire, Hereforshire, Somerset, Wiltshire and Worcestershire, our bands perform at contests and concerts all year round for the enjoyment of their audiences and themselves.
The GBBA also run two contests each year and, in partnership with Gloucestershire Music, help the talented youth of our community to develop.

South West Brass Band Association

The Association aims to deliver both funding and education with increased profile to brass bands within it's membership, therefore benefiting both players and audiences alike. Education and learning is a key role in the association as well as the supervision and maintenance of contesting.

Wessex Brass Band Association

The Wessex Brass Band Association was formed with its objectives to encourage the formation of Brass Bands in the area, to improve existing bands and to provide facilities for social interaction between the Bands. The Association organises an Annual Winter Competition for Adult Bands and an Annual Youth and Training Band Contest.

Association of Brass Band Adjudicators

The AoBBA aims to maintain and improve the professional level of Brass Band Adjudicators

Brass Band Players Registry

All bands wishing to take part in the Regional/National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain must be registered with Brass Band Players Ltd (or the Welsh or Scottish Registries).


Kapitol Promotions Ltd - organisers of the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain.

National Brass Band Championships

The 'National', as it is often referred to, is brass banding's equivalent of the football league - a first-past-the-post Championship involving some 600 bands in eight 'Regional' qualifying heats staged up and down the UK, plus two 'Finals' events.

National Brass Band Championships - Kapitol Promotions Rules

Download the current rules for the National Championships.

British Bandsman

British Bandsman - "the world's leading brass publication".


News, articles, reviews and more from the brass banding world.

Brass Band World

News, articles, reviews and more from the brass banding world.